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As always,a joy to read your beutifully written commentary and see some beautiful photographs.Thank you:)


Hi there, I'm a lurker who's really happy to see you posting again -- especially such drool-worthy photos and descriptions!


Wow. Glad you're blogging again; and what a host of meals, many surprising and some quite wonderful - I know that by Japanese standards you had a relatively simple summer, but from northern England everything looks incredibly imaginative.


I eat dinner at your blog tables every day...at midnight my time. Thanks for feeding us Amy!


Hooray! So happy you shared more food with us, I have such a craving for ikura now. :)


Hello Amy! I have a question. Can you please tell me how to buy cooking sake? I've always wanted to try to recreate the meals you blog about but I don't have sake, and not sure what to look for here in Canada. Any tips would be great. Thanks!

Albany Jane

Happy (belated) Birthday! I love reading your blog - you always have such delicious food to post about, and great adventures!

All of this seafood has my mouth watering.


I want to eat ikura-gohan, misoshiru, and tsukemono for the next several days! Thank you for your sumptuous photographs -- they, and you, do Japanese cuisine proud.

hope chest

Wow! Everything looks so delicious and very tempting! Those foods are something new to my eyes and I am hoping I can try these all one day!

Joshua Zimmerman

Whenever I make Japanese food it always ends up looking horrible! Kudos to you for making such good looking food.

Man, now I've made myself hungry and I still have an hour and a half before school lunch! Grrr...


Hello! We have given you a blog award: http://literaryfoodporn.blogspot.com/2009/11/we-won-something.html


A few proofreading comments...
In your first paragraph, you wrote, "...and he came back a few days later he was loaded down with souvenirs..." I think you meant to start that out with "and when he came back".

I'm 90 percent sure on this one... Underneath the garlic shrimp picture, you wrote, "...way too much sauce leftover..." I'm pretty sure that should be "left over".

I also noticed that you used a double hyphen once in a while. If you were aiming to insert a long hyphen, and on the off-chance that you use a mac, the overly complicated key combination for a long hyphen is:
[option] + [shift] + [hyphen] = —


Thanks for the comments!

Wendy, that depends on how often you cook Japanese food, and whether or not you're a drinker. I prefer to use real sake to cooking sake, as it tastes better. I usually buy cheaper boxed sake, and if you plan on cooking Japanese regularly I recommend that if you can find it (I think Gekkeikan fits the bill and is widely available). If you don't intend to cook Japanese often then go ahead and buy a small bottle of good stuff, and drink up what you don't use in cooking. I'd only recommend cooking sake (comes in plastic bottles, sold at Japanese/Asian markets) if you can't find either. Depending on the dish, you can sub dry white wine or even sherry or Chinese cooking wine.

Thanks for the blog award Fatima! I will try to follow up soon.

Chris, thanks a lot for pointing those out! I'm horrible at proofreading my own writing, I wish people would mention my typos more often.

Karen Simon

The unknown watercress like greens are in fact fiddlehead ferns, so called because they look like the head of a fiddle. They are the immature shoots and very yummy.

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